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Kenpo Karate - Advanced dan - Black Belt 5 & 6

This DVD covers all the techniques that you will need to know for 5th and 6th degree black belt. It includes advanced techniques for teaching, kata, self-defense, breaking and sparring. An interview with Shihan Crayton Moss is included.

Kenpo Karate History, Traditions & Techniques

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Kenpo Karate - Beginning kyu - Yellow & Blue Belt

This DVD covers all the beginning basics required for yellow and blue belts in Hawaiian Kempo. This includes all beginninig basics such as katas, self-defense techniques, stances, kicks, blocks, etc.

Kenpo Karate - Intermediate kyu - Green & Purple Belt

This DVD covers all the intermediate requirements for green and purple belts. It includes instructions for additional stances, kicks, blocks, kata, self-defense techniques as well as beginning breaking techniques.

Kenpo Karate - Advanced kyu - Brown 3-1

This DVD covers all techniques and requirements for 3rd thru 1st brown belts in Hawaiian Kenpo. It covers advanced basics, kata, self-defense techniques, and breaking.