About Us

American Kempo Karate & Weapons (AKK&W) was formed to incorporate three martial arts systems (Okinawan Weapons, Okinawan Kempo Karate, and Hawaiian Kempo Karate) taught by Professor Bill Marron.   Professor Marron, a retired U.S. Marine is recognized as one of the premier martial arts instructors in the U.S. and abroad.  He has taught numerous classes and seminars throughout the United States, Okinawa and Vietnam.   He has taught not only at his own private dojo's, but at many military bases, college campuses, community centers, etc. throughout the last 46 years.  Professor Marron is credited with bringing Okinawian and Hawaiian Kempo and Okinawan Weapons to the Midwest.  Hanshi Kathy Marron was also instrumental in helping to introduce Hawaiian Kempo to the Midwest as well.

 Professor Marron studied Hawaiian Kempo under Hanshi Stan Mattson while stationed in San Diego in the mid-1960's.  He was awarded his first degree black belt in 1971 by Hanshi Mattson and Master Ron Alo (Mattson's instructor).  He studied under Master Seikichi Odo while stationed in Okinawa in the mid-1970’s.  Years later, Professor Marron was awarded his 9th degree black belt in Okinawan Kempo Karate, Okinawan Weapons, and Hawaiian Kempo Karate in 2002.  Professor Marron is a highly respected marital artist who was awarded the rare title of “Professor” by a national Board of his peers in 2002.

Shihan Crayton Moss has studied with Professor Marron for over 37 years.  The Okinawan weapons DVD's are presented by Professor Bill Marron and Shihan Crayton Moss as taught to Professor Marron by Master Seikichi Odo while stationed in Okinawa.  The Hawaiian Kempo karate system is also presented by Professor Marron and Shihan Moss as taught to Professor Marron by Hanshi Stan Mattson. 

Professor Marron and Shihan Moss have spent many years transforming the Okinawan weapons into an understandable format.  All of the specific moves for each kata had to be identified and named.  This was not an easy task as each step was initially learned through demonstrations by Master Odo. There were no actual names given to any of the moves, strikes, blocks, disarms, etc.  Professor Marron and Shihan Moss took great care in naming each move so they could be more easily learned from the DVD’s. 

Each kata is taught with great attention to detail and demonstrated on the 6 Okinawan Weapons DVD's and is also detailed step by step in the accompanying Okinawan Weapons book .  The book is sold separately but complements the katas taught and demonstated in the  Okinawian Weapons DVD’s.  The six DVD’s that encompass the Okinawan Weapons system as taught by Professor Marron and Shihan Moss provide the instructions and demos for the 30 weapons katas that encompass the Okinawan Weapons system.  Each DVD provides instructions for the belt requirements for a minimum of 2 belts.  For example, DVD # 1 provides complete instructional material for both yellow and blue belts (4 kata), DVD#2 provides instructional requirements for both purple and green belts (4 kata), while DVD#3 provides instructional requirements for all three levels of brown belts (6 kata), etc. through 6th degree black belt.

The Hawaiian Kempo system is also demonstrated and taught through another series of 6 DVD's.  This series of  DVD's takes users through all the requirements from yellow belt through 6th degree black belt.  A book is also available (over 25 years and 4 versions in the making) that provides step by step instructions for all kata and self defense techniques  (9 sets of six self-defense techniques in each set) demonstrated in the Hawaiian Kempo systems set of DVD's. 

Enjoy and let us know how we might be able to improve our web site to better help you.  Thanks and blessings from Professor Bill Marron and Shihan Crayton Moss. 

American Kempo Karate & Weapons (AKK&W), is a subsidy of Marron Enterprises, LLC