Kenpo Karate - Intermediate kyu - Green & Purple Belt

This DVD covers all the intermediate requirements for green and purple belts. It includes instructions for additional stances, kicks, blocks, kata, self-defense techniques as well as beginning breaking techniques.
Manufacturer: AKK&W

Kenpo Karate - History, Traditions & Techniques
DVD 2: Intermediate kyu - (Green & Purple Belt)

ISBN #: 978-0-9830802-4-4

Basic Foundational Skills and Techniques

  • 3 Stances: Horse, Forward, Cat
  • 5 Blocks; Up, Down, Out, In, Shuto
  • 6 Kicks: Front-snap/Thrust, Round, Side/Back, Spinning-back
  • 10 Open Fist Strikes


  • Pinan Nidan
  • Pinan Sandan
  • Pinan Yondan
  • Seisan


  • Set 2: Chokes and Lunges from the Rear
  • Fighting Drill 2
  • Set 3: Single Punches to the Face and Chest


  • 1"x12"x12" #3 pine boards
  • 2"x8"x16" cinder blocks


  • Beginning Intermediate Techniques

Video Snippets of DVD contents for Green & Purple

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Kenpo Karate History, Traditions & Techniques

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