Kenpo Karate - Advanced kyu - Brown 3-1

This DVD covers all techniques and requirements for 3rd thru 1st brown belts in Hawaiian Kenpo. It covers advanced basics, kata, self-defense techniques, and breaking.
Manufacturer: AKK&W


Kenpo Karate - History, Traditions & Techniques
DVD 3: Advanced kyu - (Brown Belts 3-1)

ISBN #: 978-0-9830802-1-3

Basic Foundational Skills and Techniques

  • 4 Stances: Hourglass, Back, Crane, Hook
  • 5 Blocks: Up, Down, Out, In, Shuto
  • 3 Kicks: Double-front-snap, Ariel-roundhouse, Hook
  • 18 Closed & Open Fist Strikes


  • Wansu
  • Naihanchi Shodan
  • Pinan Godan
  • Fukiu Shodan


  • Set 4: Single and Multiple Punches
  • Fighting Drill 3
  • Set 5: Arm Breaks


  • 1"x12"x12" #3 Pine Boards
  • 2"x8"x16" Cinder Blocks


  • Advance
  • d Techniques, Sparring Rules and Regulations & Beginning Sparring


Video Snippets of DVD contents for Brown 3-1


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