Kenpo Karate History, Traditions & Techniques

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Kenpo Karate - History, Traditions & Techniques

ISBN #: 978-1-4243-1623-6

This book was 20 years in the making. It provides all the katas, self-defense techniques, history, etc. requirements for all belt ranking in Hawaiian Kenpo up to and including 6th degree black belt. Personal short stories from Professor Marron are included as well as biographical information on Professor Bill Marron, Shihan Crayton Moss and Hanshi Kathy Marron.

Additional information includes teaching techniques, breaking, fighting drills, etc....all the instructional information needed to learn and master Hawaiian Kenpo are included. 

Although not required, it is recommended that you use this book in conjunction with the associated Hawaiian Kenpo DVDs (DVD #1 - 6) to get visual instructions on all materials included in this book.

Instructions for promotion are also included.

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